WTF Fun Fact – CEO Haggles Ransom

WTF Fun Fact - Aldi CEO Ransom Taxes

When the CEO of supermarket chain ALDI, Theo Albrecht, was kidnapped, he haggled down his ransom amount with his abductors and claimed the sum as a tax-deductible business expense in…


WTF Fun Fact – Thomas Jennings

WTF Fun Fact - Thomas Jennings

In 1821, an African American business owner named Thomas Jennings invented the dry cleaning process and was one of the first African Americans to be granted a patent. He used…


WTF Fun Fact – Hangover Origin

The word “hangover” first appeared in the English vocabulary in the 19th century as a term for describing “unfinished business” from meetings, but it was not until 1904 that the…



…Park. – WTF Fun Facts Source:… … January 14, 2021 A study found bumblebees were able to recognize objects by sight that they’d only previously felt (cross-modal object recognition)…


WTF Fun Fact – Ben Sliney

WTF Fun Fact - Ben Sliney

September 11, 2001 was Ben Sliney’s first day on the job as United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) National Operations Manager. He was responsible for ordering a national ground stop…